Davide Casali

Product Experience Director at Automattic (WordPress.com)


Davide Casali

Product Experience Director
Automattic (WordPress.com)
London, UK

Davide Casali, is a user experience director and startup advisor with a hybrid background in design, psychology and technology. His objective is to improve people’s quality of life, through the products he designs and leads. He currently works in Automattic, creator of WordPress.com.

During twelve years, he designed consumer and enterprise products and services for more than 2 million users worldwide in different markets. He worked with companies such as Bank of England, Nokia or Ferrari. He’s currently advisor to many startups such as Flythegap, or PosterForTomorrow, and evangelist of Hunie.co.

We love Davide’s style and ability to synthesize his vision. He will give us great insights on aspects involved in creating products for everyone. And he is really doing things that are changing the world.

Intense Minimalism

Case Study:
WordPress.com and UX for Good: Teamwork at the Extremes

Friday | 11:30 – 12:15

Two inspiring stories on how design processes can be adapted to different time and space constraints

Distributed companies and organizations are getting more visibility nowadays, but how does it work in practice, day to day, to design while being remote? And what are the differences with intensive design sessions in the same space, with limited time? Which one is better?

In this talk you are going to see two examples of teamwork at two extremes of space and time. On one side you will learn how the fully distributed company Automattic, works to build WordPress.com. This collaboration was organized through the lenses of Hyperion, one of the product teams. On the other side, you will discover the story of UX for Good, a non-profit social project. It brought together 10 top designers from across the globe to a 6 days full immersion.


What you will learn

  • How two very different approaches to design are organized and managed.
  • The principles that allow anyone to replicate them.
  • Inspiring stories about two state of the art projects.


Who is this talk for 

  • UX Designers, from junior to leads.
  • Developers, to get an insight on different design processes.
  • Project Managers, to get an idea of how incredibly different project types are managed.
  • CEOs, to get principles that could improve internal organization and culture.

Teamwork at the Extremes: WordPress.com and UX for Good from Davide 'Folletto' Casali

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