Jeff Gothelf

Founder of Neo Innovation at Neo Innovation

Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf

Founder of Neo Innovation
Neo Innovation
New York, USA

Jeff is a lean thinking and design evangelist, spreading the gospel of great team collaboration, product innovation and evidence-based decision making. He is a speaker and thought leader on the future of product development and design, often teaching workshops or giving talks on building cultures that support teamwork and innovation.

He also co-founded Neo Innovation, a lean/agile product firm in NYC. Prior to that, he led the UX design teams at TheLadders and Web Trends. He also supervised and worked with small teams of software designers at AOL.

We started following Jeff from the moment on he said: Lean UX is the way to make Agile and UX work together. We strongly appreciate his approach, very simple and rational. Thanks to him, the UX “world” has moved forward with a giant step.


Author of:

  • “Lean UX”

    Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience


Closing Keynote

Friday | 17:05 – 17:50

Almost Everything I’ve Learned From 5 Years of Lean UX

Since the idea first percolated in 2010 through to its current state as a permanent hashtag on Twitter, Lean UX has created a new way of looking at how we design products and services. Equally as important, it has created a new way to look at working together with our colleagues in product management, software engineering, marketing and executive leadership.

Have the countless, conferences, articles, blog posts, books and presentations made a difference? Has Lean UX made a difference? How have the ideas evolved since 2010?

In this talk, Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX, will recap his learnings from practitioner to author to teacher of Lean UX and the teams trying to adopt it. What’s worked? What hasn’t? Why? Where are things now and where are they headed? This tactical talk will cover all of that and more.

Jeff will also close the day, linking his own experience with the previous talks.

Jeff Gothelf – Almost Everything Ive Learned From 5 Years of Lean UX – UX Lausanne from UX Lausanne

Lean UX

Thursday | 9:00 – 17:00

One day to learn how to implement Lean UX in your company

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