Thibaut Sailly

Designer at Captain Train


Thibaut Sailly

Captain Train
Paris, France

Thibaut Sailly is First Designer at Captain Train. He works with the product development and the client support teams to make the ticket booking a great experience.

In the past, Thibaut worked with Claudio Colucci, designing lamps and heaters. Afterwards he moved to the web, conceiving e-commerce websites for fashion brands such as Naf Naf or Bonton and applications for banks and insurances.

Over the last 7 years, Captain Train overthrew the SNCF monopoly in France, elaborating a delightful digital experience for the French train travelers. It is now conquering the European train markets.

We look forward to learn about his experience!



Case Study:
Behind Captain Train Scenes

Friday | 14:50 – 15:35

How we built the best experience of train ticket booking

In a market dominated by big historical businesses, Captain Train managed to reach the first place. This was done creating a user experience considered by many as unique. If using Captain Train is easy, designing it it was not a piece of cake. Thibaut’s talk will give you an overview of the working methods and the team organization that gave birth to the best way to search and buy train tickets.


What you will learn

A new perspective on working methods allowing to set up a great user experience.


Who is this talk for 

Every person involved in the conception of digital products.

Thibaut Sailly – Behind the scene at captain train – UX Lausanne 2016 from uxlausanne

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